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Wecome to the Blog.  I will be posting updates on this Blog right through the end of the year.


As a bit of an introduction, Alexander (Sasha) Lebedev is 16.  He has played tennis since he was three.  Sasha has been a solid competitor in USTA tournaments since he was 7 years old.  Sasha lives in Island Park, New York on Long Island with his mom Yelena and his Dad Aleksander.  He has a sister, Julia, who is married and lives in Wilmington, South Carolina.  He is ranked:


Boys 16 and under USTA Eastern Section                1

Boys 18 and under USTA Eastern Section                25

Boys 16 and under USTA Nationally                                    14

Boys 18 and under USTA Nationally                                    195

TennisRecruiting National Ranking                            16


Earlier in 2013 Sasha decided he wanted to take his tennis to the next level and see how good he can be.  The next logical step in competition is the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Junior Tour.  At this level a player is no longer competing just with other players from the US, but with all 18 and under juniors in the world.  As a note for those a bit less familiar with junior tennis, the Grand Slam Junior Events are all Grade A (top level) ITF tournaments.   There are five other levels ranging from 5 (the lowest level junior ITF) to 1 (the highest level junior ITF below the Grand Slams). 


In support of his tournament play, Sasha practices, when at home, at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy on Randall’s Island in New York.  I serve as Sasha’s primary coach and Lawrence Kleger coordinates his practice and shares the coaching responsibilities with me.  At JMTA, Sasha gets a lot of help from Peter Fleming and from John McEnroe.  Sasha has worked for many years with Claudio Eulau, who provided the foundation for his tennis strokes and playing style.  Under his guidance, Sasha adopted the Argentinian all court style of play, with an added emphasis on power. Claudio remains a trusted mentor and advisor. Sasha also trains when at home at Fitness by Bobby with Bobby Filipov acting as his physical trainer. As a result of the many routines and programs Bobby has designed, Sasha has a strong physical and mental presence on the court. Sasha’s mother has supported him throughout his tennis journey.  She is a teacher and also a trusted advisor (in addition to just “Mom”).


People ask what my role in Sasha’s journey is.  I keep everything on track.  I develop Sasha’s schedule, both his practice and tournament schedule.  We travel together and I manage the logistics. That means everything from where we stay to tournament issues to raquest stringing.  I spend some time at with him at the JMTA and much time on the practice court when we are traveling.  We strategize before matches, analyze after matches, and tweak things as needed as we go along. 


Sasha continues his education via Laurel Springs’ distance learning program.  He is a top student taking four advanced placement courses this semester and maintaining at 4.1 weighted GPA.  In addition to English, Sasha speaks fluent Russian and Spanish.

Where is this all going to lead?  Well, certainly Sasha would like to play professional tennis.  Will he make it, no one knows.  In any event, the road to playing top college division 1 tennis is the same as the road to the professional circuit.  So right now, that’s the road we’re on.  Please feel free to use this blog as an electronic GPS and follow us.  I also tweet @tennisadvisor  Email,   You can also email Sasha at



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