The next six weeks

Today Sasha and I are meeting in Oaklahoma City.  He is coming from New York and I from my home in Palm Springs. 


This begins a six week period on the road for us, followed by a two week break over Thanksgiving, then three more weeks on tour.  This constitutes the Fall ITF North American Tour.  (There are a couple of other tournaments that are part of this tour which we are not playing.)


ITF Level 4     Wichita Falls, TX                  

ITF Level B1  Tulsa, OK                              

ITF Level 5     Victoria, Brittish Columbia

ITF Level 5     Toronto, Ontario

ITF Level 4     Boca Raton, Florida

ITF Level 4     Atlanta, Georgia

ITF Level 1     Merida, Mexico

ITF Level 1     Bradenton, FL

ITF Level 1     Plantation, FL


From there we drive to Wichita Falls, TX.  We chose to fly into Oklahoma City because it’s midway between Wichita Falls, TX (a little over a hundred miles) and Tulsa, Oaklahoma (a little over fifty miles) our next tournament.  Easier to drive these distances than to fly.  These are the only 2 tournaments on this trip we are able to do this with. 


This is a 64 draw tournament with a 64 draw qualifying tournament.  The qualifying tournament is Saturday and Sunday.  Those players who reach the quarter finals get entry into the Main Draw which begins on Monday.  Sasha has a wild card into the Main Draw of this event so we will use Saturday and Sunday as practice days.


The process of playing ITFs is different from USTA tournaments.  There is an entry process with deadlines for withdrawl etc., but you really don’t know who is going to be in the draw until the night before the tournament begins.  There is a sign in process (Friday from 3pm to 6pm) for the Qualifying Tournament.  Later on Friday night the draw is published along with a schedule of play.  On Sunday from 3pm to 6pm there is a sign in for the Main Draw.  Again later Sunday night, the draw is published along with the schedule of play.  This process is repeated yet again on Monday for doubles.  So the bottom line is you really don’t know who will be in your draw until the night before you have to play.


We will post links to the draw here on the Blog for each tournament.


To give you a sense of life on the road, we will make comments here on the blog in addition to posting some pictures.

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