Well, you probably saw it wasn’t a great day.  Sasha drew the first seed and while it was a winnable match for him, it didn’t turn out that way.  Lost singles 4-6, 2-6. Sasha served very well and we were both very pleased with that, but his ground stroke game was not up to the challenge. I think a couple of reasons.  Sasha has been practicing indoors for the elements again takes more than a couple of days.  Also the level of people he practiced with over the last month was good to work on some refinements and tweaks we were making to his game, but is not at the level of the play on the junior itf tour.

Doubles was closer, but…  Sasha played with Alex Ross.  They started of shaky and lost the first set.  Then got it together to win the second set.  They play a 10 pt tiebreak for the third and they got down 0-5, came back to 8 all but then lost the next 2 points.

So now what.  Well we have built in practice time.  We will practice against some of the players who lost today and those that will loose tomorrow and then leave for Tulsa late in the day on thursday or on Friday morning.


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