First Win in Main Draw of ITF

Sasha had his first win in the Main Draw of an ITF today.  Played very well, won 6-1, 6-1.  As of next week he will have a world ranking.  I was very happy with how he played, served great!!  Last couple of weeks have been tough but since he had to qualify here, he worked his way through each match playing better and better.  Tomorrow, he plays the 2 seed.  On at 8:30am.  Bad news, it’s early, good news, we know what our routine will be warming up etc.  I’ll post a draw update as soon as its available.

Here are a few pictures from the day.  The last one shows my meager kitchen here at the hotel.  Despite this we had a nice “turkey” dinner here tonight in honor of Canadian Thanksgiving.




Waiting for match.  Schoolwork



View from the Tournament Site!!!   Not bad!!  Beautiful day here today.







He likes this picture better!!!




My Gourmet Kitchen!!!!!  Those who have been in my house—don’t give me shit about all my gadgets I can now throw away and how I can totally downsize.  Not happening.

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