Burlington, Ontario

Sorry everyone for my tardy posting.  I wrote an entry and forgot to post it.  Here we are outside Toronto.  Up until now we have been at nice clubs and had great living accommodations.  Well, that came to an abrupt end when we got here.  Awful hotel and a club to match.  There is only one good thing about either–they are across the street from each other.  Sasha is in the main draw here and it is a 64 Draw.  He won yesterday 4-3 retired.  The guy hurt his thumb/wrist.  Today Sasha played very well and won 6-4, 6-2.  He plays the 2 seed tomorrow in the round of 16.  The links to the draw and order of play is below.  Note the order of play is updated through the day here so you can see scores.



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