Oh Oh, I’ve been bad again and not updating the Blog

Sorry everyone!!  Yes, we’ve been in Delray Beach since last week.  And it’s great being here, we have an apartment on the beach which makes life so much better than Burlington Ontario that we are ecstatic.  Runs on the beach, cooking in our kitchen–we ate out today at lunch for the first time.  BUT:

Sasha lost in quallies here.  Played terribly.  Then got blisters on his feet etc.  We had Sasha’s mother here for the weekend.  Now we are back on track!  Good practice today.  More tomorrow, then Atlanta on Friday.  As Sasha says, “we’ve hit the reset button and we’re ready”

Good news–lots of school done, lots of core work out, lots of runs on the beach AND probably most good news–new tennis bags.  Sasha’s was falling apart.  I asked Wilson for a favor–they came through.  She even sent me one since I hated my Babolat bag so badly (note to Babolat, please keep the pockets consistent from one bag design to another).  So my Babolat sponsorship in danger, I’m using a very well designed Wilson bag!!  Maybe a Wilson racquet is next for me.  Haha!!

Again, sorry for the delay in posting.  I promise to be better!!!

By the way, based on his wins in Canada, Sasha moved up some 250 spots to 1430ish in the world for ITF Juniors.  Not bad.  Will definitely crack the top 1000 by end of year.  (Don’t tell anyone, but I’m hoping for better than that!!)ImageImageImage

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