Sasha into Quarter Finals of Atlanta ITF

Sasha played an incredible match here yesterday to move into his first quarter final of a grade 4 ITF event.  Playing in howling winds, he came back from a 1-5 first set deficit to win 7-6 (2) over fellow TR Blue Chip McClain Kessler.  After a very long first set where he saved 7 set points, Sasha closed out the match with a 6-1 second set win.

He played so well against an opponent who known for never giving up and being willing to grind all night if necessary.  One of the other players said before his first round match, “oh, they have lights here, we can play all night”.  In winds that blew at 25 miles an hour, the tennis wasn’t clean–players had to keep the ball in the court and be patient in looking for their opportunities.  Sasha came out trying to play his aggressive game, but adjusted very well during the match.  He was patient, waited for his chances, but went for his shots.  We have been working on adding the down the line backhand to Sasha’s game.  He hit a HUGE down the line backhand on match point.  I’m so proud of how well he adjusted and focused in this match.


we celebrated with a healthy dinner at whole foods!!  🙂


Today, Sasha plays Terrell Whitehurst on stadium court in a chaired match which will broadcast on the Atlanta ITF website.  (



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