Lost in the Quarters in Atlanta

Sasha lost in the quarters in Atlanta to Terrence Whitehurst.  Wasn’t his best playing.  I think the wins over Boyd and Kessler were a bit too much to process and he told me today–I just felt that run had to end.  So we left Atlanta after the match and drove to Lexington, SC. Sasha played his second round qualifying match today (1st rd bye because of seeding).  The guy he played is a solid 4 star, not a bad player and Sasha crushed him 6-0, 6-0.  The first set was 17 minutes and the second not much longer.  He played with such confidence. Gave us the opportunity to talk about taking that tennis on to the match court all the time.  Obviously there will be better players and it will not be 0 and 0 all the time, but with the attitude and confidence he exhibited today, we are making big time progress.

We are both looking forward to some downtime after this tournament.  He will be catching up on school and we will go to Chicago practice with the Ross’s, Vincent Lin, Martin Joyce et al.  Then we will make an unofficial visit to Notre Dame.  

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