Loss to walker Duncan but…

Sasha lost yesterday to walker Duncan 4-6, 7-6(5), 3-6.  As you can tell it was a very close match. He played well.  Stayed with the game plan, but so did Walker.  Came up a bit short.  If Sasha played that way every match, he’d have a higher winning percentage than he already has.  He served great, returned well. Volleyed great. But walker sliced low and short to Sasha which gave him something new to contend with. Next time we will be very ready for that.  It’s something Sasha will see a lot now, players and coaches coming up with a plan against him. You become visible, people develop game plans against you.  

We now get a much needed break.  Sasha played matches 11 days in a row.  That’s tough physically and mentally.  We are going to Delray until next Wednesday for some rest, school, off court gym work, and to kick back a little.  Then we visit Notre Dame.  We are both looking forward to both Delray Beach and our visit to ND.


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