Nassau, The Bahamas

We left Notre Dame on Friday afternoon and drove to Chicago.  We returned the car and stayed at the airport Hilton since we had a 6:15am flight to Nassau.  Got to Nassau mid afternoon.  We were greeted by a very long line to clear customs.  We took a cab to the hotel.  We don’t have a car here.  I don’t like driving on the “wrong side of the road”.  🙂  We are right on the beach.  The water is so turquoise and beautiful here.

Here is the view from our deck!!




We are a short walk down the beach from another hotel that has tennis courts so we practiced there with another player who is staying there.  And did the same on Sunday.  After sign in on Sunday we decided to go down the street and have some Thai food.  Pretty good.

The weather turned VERY windy and a lot of rain during the night.  The rain subsided, but the wind didn’t.  Sasha played second match on, following a 9am match.  The wind was blowing hard (25 mph with bigger gusts) and a rain delay.  Not ideal conditions, but Sasha played pretty well and won 3 and 2.  We have tomorrow off since they are playing the 6 day format and it’s a 32 draw.  He will play Christian Langmo on Wednesday.  Tomorrow we will practice.

Here is a pointer to the tournament draw and order of play.




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