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Practice/rest week in Copenhagen

January 30, 2014

Hi everyone,

We got back to Copenhagen late on Monday night (actually Tuesday morning) after a substantial delay leaving Prague due to snow in both Prague and Copenhagen. We did tour around Prague a bit on Monday although it was very cold and snowing. I will post a big chunk of photos tonight.
This week Sasha finished semester 1 of AP US History and we began practice on carpet. For those of you who have never played on carpet–I’ll post a picture of that tonight as well, it is a very fast surface that is sort of disappearing. But the Switzerland tournament is on it. Topspin is useless, slice is great, big serves that are well placed are rewarded. We met Dean, a coach at HIK Club in Copenhagen thanks to Carl Emile Overbeck and his dad. He gave us carpet tips and Sasha is adjusting well. He will play doubles again in Switzerland with Jean Thirouin. We will practice on carpet here again today and tomorrow. We will travel to Switzerland on Saturday and practice there on Sunday and Monday. Sasha will be seeded at least 7, so he will have a bye in the first round. This is a 64 draw tournament with a bye for all the seeds into the round of 32. The hotel is right at the club so we should have reasonably easy logistics. That’s it for now. Here is what snowy cold Copenhagen is looking like!




Champion and Runner Up 2014 Safina Cup

January 26, 2014

Champion and Runner Up 2014 Safina Cup

2014 Safina Cup Chamption

January 26, 2014

2014 Safina Cup Chamption

He did it!!! Safina Cup Champion 2014–Alexander Lebedev

January 26, 2014

Played an incredible tournament.  Some big break throughs.   So happy and proud.  7-5, 6-2    After being down 2-5 and coming back strong to win.

Some pictures   click on the link below

Tonight we will celebrate the win.  Tomorrow, we will tour around Prague a bit then head back to Copenhagen.  Wednesday we will begin practice for Switzerland Junior Cup which is played on carpet.  

Thanks for all the very nice messages!!!!!Image

Prague Final!!!!!

January 25, 2014

Sasha played a great match today.  As I said in my post yesterday, his opponent is a scrappy guy.  The key to the match was for Sasha to dominate and not get into long rallies with this guy.  He did a great job!!  Score 6-4 7-6(6).

What I loved most about the match was that we had a game plan and Sasha went out and stuck with it and it worked.  I also loved that when Sasha was down in a game he played with the same level of aggression as when he was up.  That is his game and that’s what he needs to play all the time.

He felt great on the court, and it showed through.  He looked confidant and I didn’t have any doubt that he would prevail.

I posted a link to a new AP I have–see it below–to my Facebook account.  Sasha’s sister Julia liked my link, wished him well in the final and then said she is in labor.  Sasha will soon be an uncle!!  🙂


ITF Juniors Boys
Prague, Czech Republic
Grade 4, Hard
Defending champion: 0



USA #503
6-4 7-6(6)
      0       0       0       0

love this


not good

Lebedev – Motl 6-4 7-6(6)
  score update by briza
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Want to see our pictures from Prague (click the link below)

January 24, 2014

On to the Semi-Finals of Prague of both singles and doubles

January 24, 2014

Sasha won his match easily today.  6-1, 6-2  It was pretty much a domination.  The other guy barely won points.  Sasha played aggressively and unforced errors were at a minimum.

Jean Thirouin and Sasha won their doubles quarter final 6-1, 6-4.  Sasha has had some bad luck along with some lack of knowledge of doubles since we started ITFs.  So this was a big win.  So he plays singles at 9:30 tomorrow morning and doubles not before noon.  The guy he is playing in singles is a scrappy Czech player who I watched beat the five seed from France today.  It will be a good match but if Sasha can bring his best aggressive game to the court, he can pull it off.

The doubles will definitely be more difficult tomorrow, but is a winnable match if they play as well as today.

We like Prague!!


January 23, 2014


Into the Quarters of Prague!!

January 23, 2014

Sasha played a great match today against a worthy opponent and won 7-6(8) 2-6 6-3. I will write some more about the match and post some Prague pictures later tonight.

First Round Match

January 22, 2014

Well, to call it domination would be an understatement. Sasha won the first set 6-0 in 20 minutes. Then was up 5-1 in the second. Got passive then tried to correct things with stupid shots, then got it together, went back to what was working and closed out the match 6-4. The match showed the contrast in Sasha’s play, confidant play = domination and what my slightly experienced eyes see is a top 100 ITF player. The there is the passive, lost , player, that may well be a top 250 ITF player, but definitely limited by himself not the player on the other side of the net. I like the former better, so does Sasha! So we are trying to make sure that’s the player that always walks on to the match court. Still a work in progress but today was definitely a step in the right direction.

So now you’re looking at the draw and saying “what is going on with Thom, has he been into too much of the local liquor? What’s he talking about tough draw?” Well, the referee came with the news shortly after Sasha’s match finished–the #1 seed withdrew and is replaced by a Lucky Looser. Ok, it’s still a,tough match, but playing number 488 instead of number 88 in the world is a slightly better draw!!! Opportunity knocks!!