Happy New Year everyone!!

After our break at home for Christmas, Sasha and I met up at Newark Airport to begin our year in Europe.  We flew to Brussels then on to Copenhagen for a week of practice.  One of my best friends lives in Copenhagen so that will be our base for the next couple of months.  My friend Jan is a scientist, but foremost a tennis nut.  His club is hosting our practices and we are staying with him and his girlfriend Agnieszka and their four month old baby.  


They live directly across the street from Tuborg Harbor in a lovely neighborhood just outside Copenhagen called Hellerup.


We arrived in Copenhagen on the morning after Christmas.  We actually went to post Christmas lunch at Jan’s parents home.  Yea, it was partially a way to stay awake and try to deal with the jet lag that we would clearly experience since I was coming from my home in California and even the flight from New York still requires some adjustment.  We were in bed at 8:30.  Yea we slept on the plane a bit–I used miles to upgrade us to Business Class.
And Sasha did take a nap or two:
but for the most part we both stayed up for more than 24 hours.  That’s tough (especially for the elderly!!).
Consequently, we both woke up in the VERY early Friday morning (Sasha texted me at 3:20am and said he was awake–I got up around 5am).  After a great breakfast (Danish bread is the best), we decided to hit for an hour or so in the morning.  We were already scheduled to hit in the late afternoon/early evening.  Other than getting up that early, this pretty much became the schedule in Copenhagen.  Sasha and I would get up at 6am, have breakfast and stretch, then Jan would amble down at 7:15 have coffee and we went to morning practice.  Usually, we did 8am to 10am.  It was good because I could use Jan as a hitter (which he enjoyed) and work on some technical things with Sasha.  We would return home (via the bakery)
to a second breakfast/lunch which included great bread, smoked salmon, etc.  Then there would be school for three or four hours, a snack and then a late afternoon/early evening practice.  Evening practice was usually sets.  Then there was dinner, pesto chicken, broccoli, salad, one night, baked chicken, asparagus, and salad, the next.  On Sunday night, Agnieszka made a great indian dinner, then on our last night in Copenhagen we had–make your own Asian Spring Rolls along with a special desert that Jan makes only around New Years.



Was absolutely delicious with herb tea but unpronounceable Kransekage (at least for those of us who don’t speak Danish) .  We were really finding our routine in Copenhagen.  Good food, great place to stay, great practices, ah, but it’s time to go to Sweden for the our first ITF of 2014.

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