Update from Szczecin

After an unfortunate trip to Vasteras, a place where we had a bad hotel, bad food, and a not very good club and certainly a badly played match, we went back to Copenhagen for a few days of practice.  Practiced well.  Some pictures and video of that here are now here.  ImageImage

We traveled on Saturday to Szczecin Poland.  Norwegian Airlines through Oslo.  Yea, I know, it’s going in the wrong direction but this is not an easy place to get to via public transportation.  Turned out fine.

We are at the Zybszko Hotel.  Big room, actually two rooms.  Very nice and very inexpensive.  Six days less than $550 with breakfast included.  The club is a 15 minute walk and there is a nice mall (very American looking) also 15 minute walk.  The mall is actually an outlet mall, but has several good places to eat and a couple of good coffee shops.  Also houses Paul i Piotre (one of Poland’s high end grocery chains).  Everything is very inexpensive here, a good dinner is $30 for both of us.  Lunch is anywhere from $5 to $10.  But alas it is a gray weather and cold.  Also, the neighborhood is very gray.  So are the people.  Oh, well, it’s Poland.







The courts, what there are of them, are ok, not too fast, not too slow, but they are way too close together and here is the real problem, there are only three.  Yup three courts for a main draw ITF that has 32 girls and 32 boys.  So what does that mean?  Well, it means there is virtually no ability to practice.  Warm up is between 6am and 8am with 4 on a court and still there isn’t enough room for everyone to get a decent warmup.  So first, the tournament is starting a day late due to a facility issue.  Oh well, ok.  Shit happens.  We were here through  quallies and got a grand total of 2.5 hours of hitting over 2.5 days.  Sasha is seeded 5 here and as sometimes happens, the referee decided to play the first round of singles and doubles over 2 days.  Not much choice with 3 courts.  So Sasha didn’t play yesterday since he played a qualifier.  One way to play the first 2 days in a case like this is you play both girls and boys singles on the first day EXCEPT those who play qualifiers.  So you play 24 matches on the first day.  Then you play the remaining 8 singles matches on day 2 and the first round of doubles.  That happens today.

Here is the draw pointer:


Here is a picture of the club–in black and white in accord with gray poland!!



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