Practice/rest week in Copenhagen

Hi everyone,

We got back to Copenhagen late on Monday night (actually Tuesday morning) after a substantial delay leaving Prague due to snow in both Prague and Copenhagen. We did tour around Prague a bit on Monday although it was very cold and snowing. I will post a big chunk of photos tonight.
This week Sasha finished semester 1 of AP US History and we began practice on carpet. For those of you who have never played on carpet–I’ll post a picture of that tonight as well, it is a very fast surface that is sort of disappearing. But the Switzerland tournament is on it. Topspin is useless, slice is great, big serves that are well placed are rewarded. We met Dean, a coach at HIK Club in Copenhagen thanks to Carl Emile Overbeck and his dad. He gave us carpet tips and Sasha is adjusting well. He will play doubles again in Switzerland with Jean Thirouin. We will practice on carpet here again today and tomorrow. We will travel to Switzerland on Saturday and practice there on Sunday and Monday. Sasha will be seeded at least 7, so he will have a bye in the first round. This is a 64 draw tournament with a bye for all the seeds into the round of 32. The hotel is right at the club so we should have reasonably easy logistics. That’s it for now. Here is what snowy cold Copenhagen is looking like!




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