What’s next?

Hi Everyone,

The Copenhagen tournament is playing the six day format so we had the day off today after a win in singles and doubles.  I set up a practice at B93 with Sasha, Jean Thiroin (Sasha’s Doubles Partner and his coach) and a good young Danish player Gustav Brorson (Gus) a good 15 year old along with my friend Jan.  We had three hours of court time which allowed us to work on both singles and doubles.  Then we went to lunch at 42 Raw (http://42raw.dk) and Joe & The Juice (http://www.joejuice.com/site/#!home).  Sasha and I shopped for dinner and had a nice evening at Jan’s.  It’s funny Aga and Jacob (their baby) are at my house in Palm Springs now.  We will join them on 3 March.  I’m tired of hearing about the weather second hand!!

Sasha plays singles at 9am tomorrow and doubles not before 1:30pm so we are on the same schedule as Monday.  I’ll post the good news as soon as its available.

There was some good news today.  Sasha cleared the alternate list into the Grade 2 ITF in Lithuania.  That will be our last tournament in Europe for this trip.  He will at least be seeded in qualifying if he doesn’t clear into the main draw.

We will be in Oslo, Norway next week.  I found an apartment for us to rent.  So we should be able to have a good routine there.  Now for those who are superstitious.  Our hotel in Prague was called the Hotel Opera and of course Sasha won that tournament.  Guess what the apartment building is called?  Hopefully it will influence the outcome in Oslo.

Early night here, since we will be up at 6am, at the club by 7am for stretching and then an extended warmup.


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