København – Thursday

Thom told me today, why dont you write the blog for a change? And i said, i was just thinking that earlier. Being around each other all the time makes way for telepathy, i guess. 😉 so, here I am! Listen up

I played unbelievably today but did not come out victorious. Very tough. I feel like i did after the panama ITF, where I reached the final but fell just short, despite playing well. Today though was probably the best tennis I’ve played in the whole Europe trip, with the match against Pavel Motl in the semis of Prague coming in second. I feel like Wawrinka in Australian open 2013, where he lost 12-10 in the fifth set vs Djokovic, where he gave it his all but still came up short. I feel like Roddick in wimbledon final 2009 vs Federer, or Verdasco in Australian open 2009 semis vs Nadal. All of these players played amazingly but still lost, and thats tough to come back from. But it does lend you a view of where your tennis is capable of going. Roddick and Verdasco never seemed to recover from these matches in their respective careers, but Wawrinka did- he built on that loss and ended up exacting revenge on Djoko in 5 sets this year in Australia. (And winning the final too, haha)
–>And i asked thom, where the quality of tennis being played today belonged with respect to ITF rankings, and he said top 100. 😉

There was a great energy today. Adrenaline was pumping big time. I woke up during the night last night (because of the adrenaline), which is very rare for me- i am a very sound sleeper. Yesterday evening i felt the need to go on the court and just play. I was just getting tired of waiting so much that i wanted to go on the court.

I have had patches in other matches that were better than the tennis i played today, but today was the best cohesive match Ive ever played from start to finish. Clean, aggressive tennis from start to end. Serve, fh, bh, return, everything. Which is very good from a developmental standpoint. Compared to the shit I put out last week in Switzerland, where I committed approximately 50UFE in the first set alone, the tennis today was infinitely better. Galaxies apart.

So, I’m not terribly upset, as some people might be after losing 7-6 in the third. I was not crying or anything. The performance today was extremely good, I just ended up losing is all. At this time, points and rankings, although they do matter in what tournaments we will play, don’t matter as much as me going out and playing well. So today was still a win in our eyes 😉
–> I’m optimistic to what the future holds.

Off to Oslo next! Grade 4. Playing like I did today, i have a good chance of doing very well and hopefully winning, regardless if I am seeded or not. And then Lithuania- our final expedition of this odyssey. Lithuanias a 2. Same thing there- show up playing like this and you can hope for some damage done. 😉

Lets get it! Vamos


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