ok, here is the more I promised :)

Ok here we are in the Oslo ITF Open Semi-finals.  Sasha played an ok match Monday, an absolutely brilliant match on Wednesday against the 1 seed who is a top 200 British player, and an ok match today.  Both ok matches were good enough to come through–the brilliant one was a thrashing.  So we are working on bringing a consistency to the court from one match to the next.  With today’s win Sasha earns a top 300 in the world junior ITF ranking.  A huge achievement.  But we have loftier goals.

We have practiced this week with an Italian player and his coach, Federico Bonacia.  He is a solid player and has also earned a berth in the semis albeit on the other side of the draw.  We will warm up with them again tomorrow.  Federico has a good chance to get to the final as does Sasha.  That would be a good final.  Federico got to the final of Copenhagen last week and lost to Christian Sigsgaard (4-6, 0-6).  Christian is the same player Sasha lost to in Copenhagen (1-6, 6-2, 6-7(4).

So we will stick to our routine tonight and have dinner at the apartment, backed chicken which is setting off the smoke alarm right now  :), asparagus and buckwheat.  We will be in bed by 10, up at 6:30am to have a breakfast, leave for the club at 7:15, make a stop for my morning Americano, then take the train four stops.  Stretch at the club, warm-up and play the semi-final at 10.

I’ll update you tomorrow!!


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