Ok–Logistics dealt with Here’s our schedule

We’ve had lunch and are going through our afternoon routine.  We will shop soon and go back to the apartment and get ready for dinner.  Difference tonight, we have to pack our stuff and say bye bye to our apartment tomorrow.  We have asked if we can leave our things in the apartment since it is right near the train station.  The referee in Lithuania was reasonable.  We did a referee to referee sign in so we don’t have to be there tomorrow (which would have been impossible).  Also (at this time) Sasha is the #1 seed in qualifying, so they have given him a late start (last match on) Sunday.  He MAY get a bye in qualifying , or could of course, get into the MD directly.  Whatever, we’ll take it.  So the final is at 10am tomorrow.  We’ll go to the airport at some time in the afternoon but I have access to the lounge there.  We will fly to Copenhagen and connect to Vilnius.  We get in late and will stay overnight at an airport hotel.  The we take the train from Vilnius to the town whether the tournament is which is 2.5 hours.  So, won’t be the best preparation for a tournament, but we’ll certainly arrive with good confidence notwithstanding the outcome of the final tomorrow.


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