Last practice in Copenhagen, last Joe & the Juice, last Raw Food and we’re packed


Ok, we are ready to come to the USA.  Trip to Lithuania was long and Sasha played ok in both singles and doubles, but lost both first rounds.  We may again come to a situation where he lost to the tournament winner.  The guy he played in singles was unseeded and got to the semi-finals and the team they played in doubles won the tournament.  

As you can see, we are packed and ready to go.  We had some good practice in Copenhagen yesterday and today.  We said goodbye to our great hosts at B.93, the club at which we practiced, had lunch at one of our favorite places, Joe and the Juice and had chai tea at our favorite raw food place.  I should also mention that we had our favorite superb danish bread for breakfast.

Tomorrow we will go to the airport with Jan (who is leaving for the States–he goes to New York for business then flies to Palm Springs to join Aga and baby for two weeks vacation–at my house 🙂 We will stay at the airport hotel and do some Copenhagen sightseeing tomorrow.  We leave here on Monday morning at 7:50am and fly to Palm Springs.  We will pretty much take the week off from tennis.  Sasha takes the SATs on Saturday, then he will join Jan et al for a few matches at the BNP Paribas Open which is 20 minutes from my house.  We will re acclimate to outdoor tennis along with demoing a few new racquets and practice.  We leave for Costa Rica on 13 March.  Grade 3 in Costa Rica, Grade 4 in Claremont and the Spring Championships in Carson, then Easter Bowl.

Meanwhile, Notre Dame is playing some great tennis!!  They won their match yesterday and are now ranked 6!!!  Go Irish!  


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