We are alive and well and now in Costa Rica via my house in Palm Springs

Ok everyone. Yes there was a definite vacation from the blog. Let’s see…we said goodbye to our temporary base in Copenhagen on March 3. We had a good flight back to the USA via LondonImage





We caught an early flight from LAX to Palm Springs, so we were back in California for Dinner.

Rob picked us up without our luggage which did not make the flight but was delivered the next morning. Speaking of morning, Sasha and I both woke up at 3am even though we stayed up as long as we could. The 9 hour time difference is tough a tough adjustment. Sasha got to meet MurphyImage

Sasha got a cold as we were leaving Lithuania and I thought I had escaped it. We no, it was just delayed getting to me. I spent most of the time we were in Palm Springs congested and coughing. It still isn’t completely gone for either of us as we fly to Costa Rica.

When we arrived at my house, we were greeted with a HUGE carrot cake Rob had made for Sasha celebrating his winning the Safina Cup.


To be honest neither Sasha or I did very much the first few days.  Hung out in the hot tub and pool.

ImageWe all had dinner at Kiyosaku, my friends Sushi restaurant.


I reintroduced Sasha to the vegetarian restaurant he like when he was here for Easter Bowl last year and a new veggie restaurant–palm greens


We finally cooked a few times while we were home.



ImageThe big event of our stay in Palm Springs was the new racquet demoing and racquet change.

I’ve always thought Sasha’s racquet was a bit to stiff and the head too small, but I never really talked about a lot except as a future project. You can’t put doubt into a players mind with respect to their equipment. So we ordered demos of five racquets to which we had narrowed down the choice. They arrived on Wednesday afternoon but because we were tired and because we were sick we delayed hitting until Thursday. Quickly, four racquets were eliminated and the choice was–the Babolat Pure Strike 18×20. The new racquet is little lighter, has a larger head (98 instead of 93), less stiff and just overall a better fit. Presto, deeper shots, safer shots, more spin when he wants it, more work done by the racquet, and we virtually eliminated mishits!!!! So, practiced with the racquet this week and Costa Rica will be the first tournament with the new frame. That was a big accomplishment in just over a weeks time.

The new weapon


Other accomplishments during the week included getting our teeth cleaned and dental check ups which in Sasha’s case found five cavities that needed attention. Fortunately my dentist’s office stepped up to the challenge and got the work done in two one hour visits. (Thanks Petra, Cara, Dr. Enright, Diego, and Edith)  And a haircut  Image

Of course BNP Paribas Open is going on now in Indian Wells. While we left Copenhagen. On 3 March, the people of Copenhagen followed us. My friends Jan and Aga usually come during the tournament and use my tickets enthusiastically. They usually bring a couple of Denmarks tennis players with them. This year was no exception even though they now have a little baby (Jacob). This year Andreas and Jesper along with Jespers girlfriend were here. So while we left Denmark also followed.

Sasha was to go to the matches with them for a couple of sessions but he opted to work on school, physio, on court hitting and relaxing. So we enjoyed some of the matches on my big screen. Sasha ran a lot during the week including several runs from my house to the club for practice and one up the tram road.



Now it’s Thursday 13 March. Those ten days flew by. We are on the flight to Costa Rica. We will meet up with Jose and play a Grade 3 after 3 or 4 days of practice. Jose and Sasha will both be seeded in this tournament and will play doubles together. The results of this tournament count for seeding rankings for Easter Bowl so if Sasha does well, he has a good chance to be seeded. We have the Claremont tournament (grade 4) when we return. Sasha will be seeded in the top 4 there. Then Carson, the Grade 1. Many of these players we have not seen since we played the US tournaments in the fall. Will be interesting to see who’s improved.

Well, that’s the catch up news for now. More from Costa Rica in the next few days.  But we are settled in to the hotel and having first hit!!


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