Lost in the Quarters in Costa Rica

Sasha lost today in the quarters against Valero.  He actually played very well, played aggressively, and served amazingly.  The serve is just so solid now.  Valero is more experienced and has been as high as 71 in the world in ITF Juniors.  Sasha does not consistently see a hundred mile an hour plus heavy serves and that’s something he needs to be exposed to and practice against.  Since I harp constantly about moving forward and playing first strike tennis with Sasha (that’s definitely his brand of tennis), it’s hard for me to say, that in this case he should have adjusted better for the return of serve by moving back and then moving forward after the return.  Valero adjusted better to Sasha’s serve by moving back.  His ground strokes cannot penetrate the court from 10 feet behind the baseline.  He returned from there and stayed there.  If Sasha had returned from further back and then moved up I believe he would have had chances in the return games.  The score was 6-4, 6-4, one at 5-4 in both sets.  So Sasha had the pressure of holding all the way through the match.  

As I’ve said earlier, we’ve both been sick here in Costa Rica (as have a number of other people in the tournament).  Sasha woke up this morning with a resurgence of the stomach bug we both had earlier in the week.  He said it didn’t bother him a lot in the match, but was sure a bother in the warmup and after.  Addrenillin does interesting things.  So here is what we ate for lunch.  

Sasha says it’s the only safe food in Costa RicaImage

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