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April 30, 2014

So why no pictures no updates? Internet impossible. Too many people for too little bandwidth.  (Pictures would take 2 weeks)  It took me more than an hour to post this small update. Sasha made it into the Main Draw here in Salsomaggiore but lost first round. Actually played quite well, but these are not only top ITF players, but very much clay players. He and Federico Bonacia are in the round of 16 in doubles here. So other problem, when will be play? Rained all day on Monday so all play was inside bubbles. Yesterday, rained into the morning. Then some play outside. Today, nice this morning and playing outside, bad news, we are not scheduled to play until late afternoon and it’s supposed to rain again. Of course on clay, play can continue in light rain, the problem is the courts are so wet, they really can’t take any rain at all.  So, we will see if we get moved indoors.  They play the 6 seeded team today from Africa.  We hope for better internet in Prato.  We have a good hotel here, good food and interestingly we have had a lot of very good practice.  They want play on the courts when it isn’t raining to pack them down and repack them etc.  So today we have had an hour and a half of practice on the clay.  More later if possible.

Well, this actually never posted so I will update the update.  Started POURING down rain, so we are at a cafe using internet.  Now we play in Fidenza indoors no before 6pm after 4 more matches.   UGH!!


April 23, 2014

Acclimated to the time zone

Acclimated to the clay (still slippery stuff)

Acclimated to the food (that’s easy)

Acclimated to the weather (that’s easy too)

Ready to compete.


Here are some more pictures from Beaulieu-sur-mer

View in the morning from our room!!  Hard to leave behind




April 15, 2014

Sasha has be acclimating to the South of France and concludes that the French Riviera is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  I don’t disagree.  He has practiced at the club.  Done lots of stretching and massaging and running.  He got a good nights sleep on the first night there.  That’s hard to do.

Here is a photo stream with lots of pictures he took.  He says it doesn’t do the place justice–I tend to agree, but still beautiful pictures.  This stream actually begins in Palm Springs airport, continues on the flight, and then is largely Beaulieu.;813A7338-BDE1-470A-B336-E47CDB46FE48




The next phase

April 15, 2014

Sasha has landed in the French Riviera.  He traveled yesterday by himself to Nice and will play the Grade 1 ITF in Beaulieu Sur Mer.  I’ve done that tournament before.  It’s a beautiful place.  I will join him on Saturday and report back from there.  Today with the new rankings out, Sasha reached an all time high ranking of 224.  He is in the top 20 players in the US when using ITF rankings.

Here is the European schedule.  These are all very high level tournaments played on red clay.  Below each tournament I’ve listed their website.  Some of these tournaments have video feeds on several courts.  Also if you click through to the websites you will recognize many of the previous winners of these events.  They are now the top players in the world.   Enjoy.

19ème Open International Junior de Beaulieu-sur-Mer

Grade 1              Beaulieu Sur Mer, France

31° Torneo Internazionale U18 – Salsomaggiore Terme

Grade 2               Salsomaggiore, Italy

22nd International Junior Tournament Citta’ Di Prato                 Grade 2

Prato, Italy

36° Torneo “Citta Di Santa Croce” Mauro Sabatini                      Grade 1

Santa Croce, Italy

55° Trofeo Bonfiglio                                                                         Grade A

Milan, Italy

50th Astrid Bowl Charleroi, Belgian International

Junior Championships              Grade 1

Charleroi-Marcinelle, Belgium






Haven’t written much have I

April 12, 2014

Well, this won’t be very long either.  Sorta taking a vacation from the Blog, but here is the Easter Bowl update.  Sasha lost to Tommy Paul in singles.  And today he and Jimmy Wasserman lost the doubles Semi-final to Tommy Paul and Henrik Weirsholm.  They played some great doubles here.  Maybe the team will reunite at some point.  After this blast of heat in the desert, Sasha is off to France on Sunday and I will join him in Nice on Friday for the Beaulieu Grade 1.  I will write more soon–just needed a break.

Not quite

April 3, 2014

Sasha’s singles match against Danny Kerznerman, the 9 seed here who has been as high as 61 in the world was a long three setter.  He won the first set in a tie breaker 9-7.  The second set was relatively close but he lost 4-6.  Once let back into the match, Danny closed out the match with a 6-2 final set.  A couple of comments–the match was played in 25 to 35 mph conditions.  Sasha did a good job for a majority of the match sticking to the game plan and executing pretty well.  Last but not least, these players who have played big matches, for a long time who get into the top 100 know to stick around even when someone is beating them.  Things can change.  

Doubles was much of the same, playing a top 20 player and top hundred player was too much for the newly formed doubles partnership. They were more consistent and they ultimately prevailed 6-3 6-3.  A disappointing day from a match result perspective, but developmentally, I think it was a good performance against top players that Sasha is just beginning to compete against.

Onward to the Easter Bowl!!!


First win at a Grade 1

April 1, 2014

Sasha won his match today 6-2, 6-1.  He played well, served well in tough conditions.  First of all he was supposed to play not before 1:30 but he didn’t go on court until after 5pm.  It was very windy today and I know we are in southern California, but it was cold.  (at least cold for here–55 degrees F)  So he will play doubles tomorrow (with Jimmy Wasserman), but no singles.  He will play the 9 seed on Wednesday Danny Kerznerman.  

Here is the singles draw:

Click to access Boys_18s_Main_Draw_Singles_Monday_COMPLETE.pdf

Here is the doubles draw:

Click to access Boys_18s_Doubles_Draw_ORIGINAL.pdf

What would the blog be without a food picture???Image