Not quite

Sasha’s singles match against Danny Kerznerman, the 9 seed here who has been as high as 61 in the world was a long three setter.  He won the first set in a tie breaker 9-7.  The second set was relatively close but he lost 4-6.  Once let back into the match, Danny closed out the match with a 6-2 final set.  A couple of comments–the match was played in 25 to 35 mph conditions.  Sasha did a good job for a majority of the match sticking to the game plan and executing pretty well.  Last but not least, these players who have played big matches, for a long time who get into the top 100 know to stick around even when someone is beating them.  Things can change.  

Doubles was much of the same, playing a top 20 player and top hundred player was too much for the newly formed doubles partnership. They were more consistent and they ultimately prevailed 6-3 6-3.  A disappointing day from a match result perspective, but developmentally, I think it was a good performance against top players that Sasha is just beginning to compete against.

Onward to the Easter Bowl!!!


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