So why no pictures no updates? Internet impossible. Too many people for too little bandwidth.  (Pictures would take 2 weeks)  It took me more than an hour to post this small update. Sasha made it into the Main Draw here in Salsomaggiore but lost first round. Actually played quite well, but these are not only top ITF players, but very much clay players. He and Federico Bonacia are in the round of 16 in doubles here. So other problem, when will be play? Rained all day on Monday so all play was inside bubbles. Yesterday, rained into the morning. Then some play outside. Today, nice this morning and playing outside, bad news, we are not scheduled to play until late afternoon and it’s supposed to rain again. Of course on clay, play can continue in light rain, the problem is the courts are so wet, they really can’t take any rain at all.  So, we will see if we get moved indoors.  They play the 6 seeded team today from Africa.  We hope for better internet in Prato.  We have a good hotel here, good food and interestingly we have had a lot of very good practice.  They want play on the courts when it isn’t raining to pack them down and repack them etc.  So today we have had an hour and a half of practice on the clay.  More later if possible.

Well, this actually never posted so I will update the update.  Started POURING down rain, so we are at a cafe using internet.  Now we play in Fidenza indoors no before 6pm after 4 more matches.   UGH!!

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  1. Jacqui Denton Says:

    Hi Sasha – have tried to find where to follow you but theres no link! Hope you had a rest of good time in Beaulieu and found some more nice restaurants regards Jacqui Denton

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