Must be time to update things again!!!

Hello again to everyone who follows us around virtually!!!

Sasha and I met up in Florida and began training again after five weeks off. Sasha finished his junior school year and will start senior year in Sept. He ended his very demanding junior year with a 4.45 weighted GPA.

We were in Delray Beach practicing at ProWorld. We transitioned back to hard courts (harder on the body but more conducive to Sasha’s game). Last Saturday we traveled to Vancouver BC and resumed our ITF schedule. Sasha is the number 1 seed here. He won his first round match yesterday 6-1, 6-4. He played well in his first ITF match back. He plays another singles match today as well as first round doubles. He is playing doubles with Michael Genender at this event. Tomorrow will be a day off for singles

Here is the link to the tournament results and draw:

It is absolutely beautiful here. We have an apartment with a great view and with great access to good markets. We had some time yesterday after the match so we took a boat ride. It was absolutely beautiful and led to some good pictures of course. :). So now everyone’s favorites, the picture links.


One Response to “Must be time to update things again!!!”

  1. Christian Says:

    Glad to hear you are back on the road, love keeping up with this!

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