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Another close match against a top 100 Player

August 25, 2014

Somewhat a repeat of last week, Sasha lost a close match against Benjamin Hannestead of Denmark. 6-3, 2-6, 6-3
Sasha and I have discussed many times over the last year and a half the fact that you must remain focused, you must capitalize on all the opportunities, and you cannot change a winning strategy or keep going with a loosing strategy. In matches against lesser players Sasha is talented enough to win more than his share of matches, but when you are playing against top players, focus, capitalizing on opportunities, not letting players back in, being brave and going for your shot are all mandatory. Matches wins against top 200 players are more routine now. Sasha has the skills and will win against the top 100 players, but it will take some absolute focus and no distractions along with believing that he is a top hundred player and thinking like one.

Doubles soon!!

No pictures for a while

August 23, 2014

So here are some:

Canadian Open Draws and Order of Play

August 23, 2014

Here are two links to the tournament. They are both updated often. Draw will out around 8pm tonight.

For results–look here

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 23, 2014

While we were here practicing for the Canadian Open, Sasha was nominated by Ivan Liskov. Click on the link to see the video.

An incredible match today

August 20, 2014

Sasha played a great match today against the 4 seed Chan Yeoung Oh from Korea. The match began at 9:30 and ended shortly after 2:15. This is one of those matches that was so well contested and so well played at such a high level that people come away saying nobody deserved to loose. Oh the number 35 player in the world won the battle 7-6(3), 3-6, 6-3.

Honestly this is one of the best matches Sasha has ever played and I’m sure he will take a lot of confidence from this battle. On to the Canadian Open!! I’m so proud of him. We will post some pictures tomorrow. We will take a few days off and be back on the practice court on Friday!!

First round win at International Hardcourts

August 18, 2014

Sasha won his match 6-3, 6-2 today. He played smart against Vitalli Shcherba and moves on.

I will post all the tournament results later along with the order of play.

Here is the doubles draw:

Click to access BD.pdf

ITF International Hardcourts

August 18, 2014

We arrived in Baltimore on Saturday and had two good practices here in College Park. Sasha plays not before 10:30am this morning. The draw and order of play link is below:

Order of play

Click to access OP-3.pdf


Click to access BS.pdf

A great week of play in Bloomington!!

August 11, 2014

Sasha played the number 2 player from Wake Forest today. He played well and competed hard but ultimately lost 4-6, 6-7(2). This guy has a huge serve. A good player for sure!! It’s still been a great week of tennis. We will go to Notre Dame for a couple more days of practice and fly to Maryland for the ITF Grade 1. With this level of confidence, Sasha could do very well there.

ITA update

August 11, 2014

A long day in Bloomington!!! Sasha played Brian Page who plays for Illinois. This match was outside and first on. He played very well. Won 6-4, 6-4. He served great, played the big points very well. There was a little over an hour break scheduled. But the rains came. So indoors we go and here come the delays. We had time to go to “darn good soup”. Next opponent, Jai Corbett from Virginia Tech, a talented lefty from Australia. But with Sasha’s considerable practice with Alex Lawson and a few weeks ago with Michael Genender, this opponent was beatable. 7-6 (2), 6-3. So was that it, no!! Now dubs. First dubs–8-1, lost second dubs match in a tie break. (Good). Focus on singles tomorrow starting at 10am against Jon Ho from Wake Forest.

This has been a great tournament thus far. Sasha has played some of his best tennis to date. Very complete, very aware, good decisions, very good fight back when necessary!

ITA National Championships

August 10, 2014

We are here in Bloomington, IN at Indiana University. Sasha took a wildcard into the tournament. Matches were scheduled to begin this morning and Sasha was scheduled to play at 10am. However it rained most of the day and the matches had to be moved indoors onto 8 courts. So he didn’t play til 4pm. He played Stuart DePaolo a University of North Carolina player. He won 4-6, 6-0, 1-0(7). Was a good win in many ways. He served very well. Got a bit sloppy in the middle of the first set, but the good news is he used some good recovery techniques and got back on track. A good match. Weather is supposed to improve and tomorrow should be outside. Here is the draw:

Click to access itasingles.pdf