Another close match against a top 100 Player

Somewhat a repeat of last week, Sasha lost a close match against Benjamin Hannestead of Denmark. 6-3, 2-6, 6-3
Sasha and I have discussed many times over the last year and a half the fact that you must remain focused, you must capitalize on all the opportunities, and you cannot change a winning strategy or keep going with a loosing strategy. In matches against lesser players Sasha is talented enough to win more than his share of matches, but when you are playing against top players, focus, capitalizing on opportunities, not letting players back in, being brave and going for your shot are all mandatory. Matches wins against top 200 players are more routine now. Sasha has the skills and will win against the top 100 players, but it will take some absolute focus and no distractions along with believing that he is a top hundred player and thinking like one.

Doubles soon!!

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