Off to Wichita Falls tomorrow morning

We are off to Wichita Fall tomorrow morning after a loss to Ryan Storrie. We’ve had some good practice time here, both drills and competitive play. We will continue that in Wichita Falls since Sasha is not playing doubles there either. We also decided to go to Osaka Japan after Tulsa for the Grade A. We are looking for our first solid performances in 1s and an A.

Worth noting that next week represents one year since we started playing ITFs. At Wichita Falls last year, Sasha needed a Wild Card to get into qualifying and due to an administrative error–he actually got a wild card into the main draw. He drew the #1 seed and lost 4 & 2. Fast forward one year he is inside the top 225, has won a grade 4, gotten to the finals of several other events and has a LOT more playing experience. He is a very different player than he was a year ago. Now we need to develop the confidence to use the weapons he has to play the top players at top events. He has come close recently, but still has to walk onto the court knowing that he represents a solid threat to anyone in Junior ITFs. Our planned schedule through the end of the year is:

Wichita Falls, TX ITF Grade 4
Tulsa, OK ITF Grade B1
Osaka, Japan ITF Grade A
Mexico City, Mexico ITF Grade A
Yucatan Cup, Merida, MX ITF Grade 1
Eddie Herr, Bradenton, Fl ITF Grade 1
Orange Bowl, Plantation, FL ITF Grade A

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