We are back online

We are in Czech Republic and starting 2015 after 10 days of practice in Copenhagen.  We spent New Years with my friends Jan and Aga in Copenhagen.  It’s all about fireworks there, so you will find some fireworks pictures along with food and tennis pictures.  Fireworks in Denmark are as big as they are on the 4th of July in the US.

We had good practices at B93, our European practice base.  Along with some of the club juniors and members, Sasha also practiced with Benji Hannestead before he left for Australia and with Andreas Boares who is from Denmark and was home for the holidays but plays college tennis at Illinois State University.

Unfortunately my friend Jan got sick with the cold/flu and spent a bunch of days in bed.  We left for Prague (via Norwegian Airline, our favorite in Europe) on Friday 9 January without getting sick (lots of echinacea and vitamin C) but it caught up with us in Prague.  We had a good practice in Prague with Daniel Velek.  After that, it was about, tea with honey, ibuprofen, echinacea, vitamin c, sleep, etc.  To be sure, we got a much milder version of the crud than Jan, my version my have been totally different in fact, more like a mild cold and Sasha’s young fit body fought it off bravely but it definitely impacted our preparation for the first event.  While on the ITF Jr. tour we have been very lucky to avoid getting sick or injured (knock on the wooden table I’m typing on).  But it’s inevitable.

Sasha played his first match yesterday and lost 6-1, 5-7, 3-6.  He actually played extremely well for 2/3’s of the match.  Very much the way we have practiced and tried to get him to play.  Then the flu took over.  So best to say the flu won.  Today he feels much better, but of course we are here in Prerov with not much in the way of practice courts available since the tournament is played on 4 courts and is both a girls and boys event.  Sasha will focus on school today and we will do some physical training and tomorrow practice and play doubles.  He is playing with Dominick Starry and they are the 5 seeds in this event.

Our schedule for the next month takes us back to Prague after this event to play the Safina Cup.  Sasha won that event last year and will attempt to defend that result.  The we move on to Ukraine (the safe part:)), the Switzerland, Copenhagen and Lithuania.

Here is the pointer to the pictures for this year.



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