Onward–into the Quarters in doubles

We will be in this depressing little place which is clearly a throwback to the USSR.  Everyone here looks unhappy.  The architecture is as boring as could possibly be.  Everything looks the same.  The weather is dreary.  Everybody seems as though they are sick–like with a cold that lasts all winter.  The best thing about Prerov will be the train to here and I’m sure the train back will be good.  I must say the hotel food is not bad.  Nobody here speaks more than 10 words of english, but I guess it’s been long enough since the fall of the Soviet Union that the young people do not speak Russian either.  So your stuck with words that sound vaguely Polish but aren’t.  Hard to make known what you want without carrying google translate with you all the time.

For those who are considering this ITF tournament in the future.  It is played largely on three courts–there is a fourth that they use for practice sometimes and play when they have so many matches that play would go on well into the night if they didn’t.  The courts are very fast.  The lighting is ok.  The hotels are both five min from the courts.  Hotel Jana, much nicer than Hotel Fit.  The referee is very good at updating the online scores, so one knows what is going on.  If you are planning on lots of practice opportunity before your matches, don’t come here.  Fortunately, we stayed in Prague and practiced there before the tournament–that’s a pretty good option.

That’s the news from here today where it is freezing cold, gray sky, and looking like snow.

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