ITA update

A long day in Bloomington!!! Sasha played Brian Page who plays for Illinois. This match was outside and first on. He played very well. Won 6-4, 6-4. He served great, played the big points very well. There was a little over an hour break scheduled. But the rains came. So indoors we go and here come the delays. We had time to go to “darn good soup”. Next opponent, Jai Corbett from Virginia Tech, a talented lefty from Australia. But with Sasha’s considerable practice with Alex Lawson and a few weeks ago with Michael Genender, this opponent was beatable. 7-6 (2), 6-3. So was that it, no!! Now dubs. First dubs–8-1, lost second dubs match in a tie break. (Good). Focus on singles tomorrow starting at 10am against Jon Ho from Wake Forest.

This has been a great tournament thus far. Sasha has played some of his best tennis to date. Very complete, very aware, good decisions, very good fight back when necessary!

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